Luther's Study

Wed, January 10, 201810:30 AM

Weekday Study Sessions

for January 2018

We will continue our studies related to the REFORMATION’S impact on the world by reviewing the four lectures we heard last fall. We will watch one video each week and then discuss what each speaker had to say about Luther’s impact on four subjects. You may plan to attend all four lectures or the one(s) of particular interest to you. The following schedule will be in effect:

4:30 PM on Tuesdays and 

10:30 AM on Wednesdays

The following schedule will be in effect for January

Jan. 9 & 10 – “Luther’s Impact on the Bible” – Dr. Scott Guftafson

Jan. 16 & 17 – “Luther’s Impact on International Politics” – Dr. Tim Blessing

Jan. 23 & 24 – “Luther’s Impact on the Life and Worship of Roman Catholics” – Msgr. Michael Becker.

Jan. 30 & 31 – “Luther’s Impact on the Anabaptists” – Pastor David Banaszak