Congregational Meeting

Sun, June 30, 201910:30 AM

Congregational Meeting

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Our Congregational Council has called a special Congregational Meeting for Sunday, June 30th, immediately following the conclusion of worship, in accordance with Section C10.02 of our Constitution.

The sole business to be conducted at that meeting will be a vote regarding a proposal by the Property Committee to contract with New Enterprise Stone and Lime, Roaring Spring to upgrade the main church parking lot. The recommendation is to accept the bid of $50,614.20 from NESL and the monies will come from the Year End Surplus Fund.

This notice will satisfy the requirements for appropriate notification.

The Property Committee solicited four bids for this work, as follows:

 Base Bid Alternate Bid #1 Alt. Bid #2 TOTAL

  • New Enterprise S & L $41,378.95 $1,308.40 $7,926.85 $50,614.20
  • Clingerman Paving, Inc. $46,000.00 $1,600.00 $4,500.00 $52,100.00
  • Cottles Asphalt $45,892.84 NB $8,227.02 $54,119.86
  • Grannas Brothers NB NB NB NB

Copies of the complete specifications for this project are available at the church office and at the Usher’s Station until Sunday, June 30.

If you have any questions before the June 30th meeting, please contact a Property Committee Member or Council Member.

Property Committee

Warren Daniel - Chairperson

Jim Barley

Bill Brown

Jeff Garner

Fred Kensinger

Ed Kreider

John Lear

Ruth Marshall

Dennis Smith

Margie Smith

Sandy Swanson

Property Committee

Christian Ed. Vacant 

Evangelism Les Loomis

Fellowship Greg Dick

Property Warren Daniel

Social Ministry Peggy Freyer

Staff Support Kay McGraw

Finance Shawn Orczeck

Stewardship Greg Dick

Worship & Music Jane Fagans

Secretary Elaine Smith

Treasurer Beth Garner

V. President Sheena Tremmel

President Melissa Fetzer