Choir Practice

Wed, February 21, 20187:15 PM




In the Garden of Gethsemane, on the night before he was crucified, Jesus prayed, “Not as I will. But as you will.” That should be our prayer this Lenten season as we seek to do God’s will with our lives. We will look at some men who at first thought God was asking too much of them. We will also meet two women who seemed to be more eager to do the will of God than their male counterparts.

ASH WEDNESDAY - FEB. 14: God’s will was done when Isaac was born even though both Abraham and Sarah were both well beyond their childbearing years. God’s will was also done when Jesus was born to a young woman who was a virgin.

Feb. 21st At first Moses did not feel that he could do the will of God and free the Israelites from captivity in Egypt. But God worked through Moses and set his people free from slavery to Egypt just as he worked through Jesus to set us free from slavery to sin.

Feb. 28th King David was anointed by God to shepherd his people. But David frequently stumbled in trying to do God’s will. We thank God for eventually sending us a shepherd, Jesus, who continues to perfectly fulfill God’s will by constantly searching for his wandering sheep.

March 7 – Mary accepted the role God had given her and became the Mother of Jesus. Jesus then accepted the role God had given him to be the Savior of us all.

March 14th On the road to Damascus Paul had his world view turned upside down when God called him to preach in the name of the Jesus he had been persecuting. We follow the will of God when we put Jesus at the center of our worldview.

March 21st Lydia followed the will of God by responding in faith and hospitality after she was made aware of the ministry of Jesus. We follow the will of God by responding in love and service to one another.

March 25th (Palm Sunday) We are not always willing to do what God asks of us, but in his Palm Sunday entrance into Jerusalem, Jesus reveals to us that even tough roads are worth traversing for the sake of the Kingdom.

March 29th (Maundy Thursday) – Jesus asks us to wash one another’s feet as a sign of our love for him. Serving one another with Joy is a tribute to Jesus who came to be a servant to all of us.