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Tue, April 24, 20184:00 PM


A Real Man Of God

This Prophet Will Be Our Subject of Study

April 10-11 to May 15-16

Tuesdays at 4:00 Pm & Wednesdays at 10:30 Am

The Biblical definition of “Prophet” is: “Someone who speaks for God.” The Old Testament Prophets knew what their role was and they took it seriously. Any time they said, “Thus says the Lord,” they meant it.

Of course if you are going to speak for God you better be sure that it is God you are listening to. When Luther made it safely home after walking through a violent thunderstorm, he told his Father that in that storm he had heard a call from God to enter the Priesthood. His Father replied, ”Well, let’s hope it was not the voice of the devil.”

With few exceptions, Isaiah being one, Prophets came from the ranks of those who made their living as herdsmen or farmers. Let me say from experience that I (Pastor Ed) have had a lot of inspiring moments mowing a hayfield or sitting in a tree stand in hunting season. I have a friend who believes that only a hunter could have written the popular hymn, “How Great Thou Art.” It is his conviction that only somebody, sitting in the woods in the pre-dawn silence and darkness and watching the sun come up and turn the world from darkness to light, could have been inspired to write that hymn.

The truth is that we are best able to hear God and absorb his message when we are sitting in a world of silence. That applies not only to the Prophets to whom God delivered his message but also to those of us who are ultimately the receivers of that message. But we are people who appear to be afraid of silence. I see people who seem to find comfort only in noise. Not too long ago young men could be seen carrying big “boom boxes” on their shoulders and tuned to a volume that drowned out conversations yards away. Now I see many young people with some kind of listening devices plugged into their ears while they are hiking or biking on isolated trails where, given half a chance, they might be able to hear the voice of God.

Prophets like Amos are able to shut out the world and listen to God. The age of PROPHECY will make a return engagement to our world when more of us find a time and place where God can make as big an impact on our lives as our favorite political commentators and musicians. Many of the “sermons” of Amos apply to America today. See if you agree. Join us for this study.